Archetype of I

The Kingdom of Heaven, as 'Self,' is new,
to people who have always thought, that place
was in the clouds. From lack of learning, You
unenlightened, create profound disgrace.

Some madman wrecked the Great and sacred Hall,
where Virtue held its court. A shetchy draft
is all that's left. and someone smeared that scrawl.
And, like always, its you who get the shaft!

Repairing this, with cryptic plans at that,
is ours alone. There's rubble in the dark
on which toes stub and stumble, then go splat!
Until we generate a conscious spark,

that shines a ray to show a looming fall,
we cannot bring a single thing to bear.
A self untaught in Grace's ways, will stall
and rot. in False Personna's underwear.

The whole adventure and reward of Life
is gaining fuller, finer cognizance
of real and truthful things. A soul in strife
is out of step, within the cosmic dance.

Earth's cultures all revere, a highest Good.
Emerging from the muds of mis-spent years,
we are reborn, and keen to feast on food,
frontierfolk need to keep on shifting gears.

The promise is, your link in the great chain
of Connections, can be rust-free and strong,
in any company. Eternity to gain,
and yet, some let their Ego play King Kong!