With You Alwayss

Real tools, that luminate dark places where all souls abide,
can be concocted from remedies already where you sit.
A certain kind of work and diligence creates a side
of you without impediments, new vistas, and keys that fit

some ancient locks. The common uproar trashing up your brain,
can be made to still. The quiet time and space permit
much that soothes the Spirit, and sharpens mental shears to reign
in harpies that pester your intellect with useless shit.

The sun and stars don't wheel round the earth. Our untaught souls
believe the life that whirls about them, is all there is to know,
and milling lost amidst mirage, Self-forgotten ego-trolls
jerk puppetlike through pointless lives, feeding the Soul on guano.

When you have shaped yourself, so that you know much more
exists in realms beyond our senses, you'll no longer look
for easy cheesey dimestore toys. Enhancing your rapport
with upper plane passions and powers, whilst forsaking the gook

the Ego cooks, will soothe an anxious Soul, and give you Peace.
Behaving as always, with no new thoughts means that you'll stay the same.
Unless you really love the limits of your ball and chain caprice,
you'd better get to gettin', it takes skills to master this Game.