Altitude Ain't Free

Goodness and gratitude go hand in hand,
though not before a bunch of stuff goes down.
Were one to want authenic self-comand,
one must quell Personna and crack its crown,

then kick that sassy ass, who jokes so mean,
ten times! .A man estends his inner reach
as far as he knows how. A meat machine,
programmed to feed on dregs, exists in each.

of us, When this machine is tuned up right,
vistas never seen will point out paths galore,
all leading up. Clarity means light,
but we must qualify, before we soar.

"Qualify?" you ask, "what might that mean?"
Regretably, a rigorous regime
of work on self, must build a bridge between
your rubble, and, where Soul's light shines supreme.

This work takes aim to end the sucker schemes
that knot the brain. Piddling dramas drain
the Force we need to wake ourselves from dreams
so that we can do more of stuff germane

to solving why our best is hit and miss
mostly miss! A program that extends
one's stretch to know truth, is needed, that ends
with Ego-free, omni-conscious bliss.