All Roads Lead

"A journey of a thousand miles begins
with one first step". Lao Tsu quite rightly knew
that ousting all, not only Christian sins,
must be, before any kind of breakthrough

to higher mind, can be. A knotty mess
inside the head, restricts the ebb and flow
of thoughts and dreams that stream within. Unless
a being discerns he's on a track toward woe,

thereafter, he'll stay a pawn, only fit
as fodder and grease for the life machine.
A focused, polished brain will block the hit
of truncheons swung by they who've never seen

a person bloom, untethered from and free
of churches and religion's bailiwick.
Meaningful thought comes not through policy;
each soul must save itself. A preacher's schtick

is weak and often nuts. If God exists,
He wouldn't want us sheep-like on our knees.
He'd want us bright to navigate the twists
and tangles self deceit creates. The squeeze

play that one's Vices use to wreck the quest
to gain a life of light, keeps the Will weak.
From many things, horsepower polls as best,
to fire the Spirit's forge. This we all seek.

As consciousness runs blink to blink, all day
and night, it hugely helps, to Be Here Now.
Your shoulder to the boulder, leads the way
to where you're apt to say, "Hurray!" and "Wow!"