One for the Ages

Beyond the wooden ways concocted by
the ancient priests to sell the mystery
of unexplainable Infinity
to minds less quick and nimble, a bone dry

and definite, succinct schematic plan
for inner change, pre-meant to waken Man,
exists, and must be found and suffered for.
Limp belief won't get you through the only Door

that leads to Light. As is, we are un-fit,
until we see with our own eyes the facts
about true ends of our design. Real grit
of character, and effort to the max,

is what it takes, along with wits and luck,
to bring new powers to the mind. Once seen,
its clear to men who care, that they must wean
themselves of Vice, to ever get unstuck.

No goofy-goody Pollyanna pose.
need typify the seeker of what's right
and good. Brightened minds are like tornados
that blast away impediments, and smite

purveyors of damn lies, bullcrap and bunk!
The Spirit in a Soul is not a 'who',
and has no 'where' to be, except in you.
Until this clicks, you may as well be drunk.