The Worst Addiction

To quit the cigarettes or booze, excessive use of food,
or joyless sex is hard. Someone in your crowded head
has very forceful wants. Ever swore to quit the smokes for good,
then woke up not to be denied a butt, before you're out of bed.

Where is that sterling voice that said last night, "no more for me",
but now is quiet, and can't be found? Ya think there might be more
than one of you, that's trying to assert it's way to be?
Convinced there's only one of you, you can't explain the war

between the wants. There must be two or more that tug and fight
to claim the microphone, and if that's true, it means you're wrong.
Until you understand you're not just one, you can't be right
about what's real. It's NOT what you've been thinking all along.

I don't expect that this example will cause you to flip,
mostly because you can't. The view is so ingrained, and so
pervasive, years of learning often arn't enough to strip
away these many layered lies. Voices claiming I, go

on and on, and will not stop without tongs from the sky,
(which is to say they're ambushed from behind.) All men can learn
by seeing for them selves, but only though a psychic eye
that opens when self-study brings the mind to makes it's turn.

To separate oneself from the belief, that one is in control
of every thought and feeling that meanders through his cranium,
creates a neutral space in which he'll cultivate his Soul.
To carry on, as if you were the only one, makes you a bum.

Folks who laze and screw around, havn't reached a stable shelf
where peace and order thrive. These lives are doomed to fertilize
some future race, and not to revel in a risen Self.
It's certain that no sane one wants, a bad news death surprise!