One's Heart and Mind, Body and Soul, pretty much comprise the energies
that make us what we are. Control of these comes only by degrees,
as Time governs the when and how we learn to integrate these four.
We can impact the here and now but only once we fight a war.

Who told you that easy and cheap would net the pearl without a price?
Tough struggles, work, and sacrifice better describe that quantum leap
that brings a brighter eschelon from which to gain a global view.
The Ugly Duckling and the Swan, as metaphor, is tried and true

to illustrate, from acorn small to Oak Tree tall, how events unfold.
If blind to change, you'll kiss a wall, then circle chaos, uncontrolled.
You can be sure, the work that's done here boosts a precious cause, but not
for this nuthouse. Our wingless run on earth, is less about the plot,

and more about sharpening your spark for what comes next. As Time goes on
after Your gone, who's is mark the hours that still flow on?
I'll take no risks, I'm preparing for such a case. (It might be me!)
Losing illusions and sparing no means to wake, with urgency,

describes a fairly common pace for they who've come to know what's real.
This life, we came to fix/erase debris thrown off our Karmic wheel.
Untellibly profound and near, This mystic realm exists for those,
who rightly understand the sphere they occupy. Thus, when we doze.

so limp and slow, the more we miss what might enhanse and elevate
our forward flow. Ponder on this. That we alone control our gait,
that we alone decide our Fate, and all alone face Death's abyss.
Happily though, for those who want it, there is a road to Bliss.