About Me

If asked about myself, I would say that I am not a member of any known religion, though I would say there is much material worthy of spiritual and metaphysical consideration present in every religion. I am not an athiest, but I do not ascribe omniscience to a single (or set of) anthropmorphic deities. I sense that my human awareness allows me only, the means to unravel and clean up my own psychological state, such that, I am fit to consciously interface (in a limited way) with fundamental worldviews more omnipotent than my own. My beliefs are not many, but I do believe in the underlying Divinity of all souls. There are many modes and levels of cognition and expression. This means to me, that the human predicament has transitional considerations to it, and some preparation is in the best interests of the individual. The vast majority of the poetry on this page touches on this, in one way or another. Though I've many sources of inspiration, The 4th Way explications of Dr. Maurice Nicoll, Alan Watts, Taoistic thought, and the esoteric interpretation of the Christian Bible rank right up there.