A, B and C

Influences that come from everyday
events, are those of least significance.
Though lotteries and movie stars portray
the heart's desires, these heights are yet concave
compared to spirit's peace. Freed from the trance
of 'ownership', a man's no longer slave.
Transacting in impressions that are flat
is like a schooner sailing on the Platte.

Influences that reach us through the arts;
Great music, books, fine oils, and all the same,
penetrate the depths within men's hearts.
The beauties of the earth and universe
remind us of the realm from which we came,
where all is pure and nothing is perverse.
Cognition of this sort should be our aim,
where mystic sparks ignite a conscious flame.

And rarest of influences, which reach
us through the swirling mud of our travails,
arise beyond the mists of mind to teach
compel and soothe. This voice, which some call Grace,
edudes the hounds of thought. The foxhunt fails!
Its sway, however, moves us to that place
where peace of mind and trancendental awe
affirm to all, that goodness is the law.