180 Now, Mister! Drop and Give Me 40!

Arn't you distraught for being so bleeding dumb?
It couldn't be more clear that there is more
to time on earth, than drifting through the slum
your appetites and apathies have sired.
Your prospects for beyond the 'mortal door',
must be prepaid, in concrete and hardwired!

Like little piglets 1 & 2, did You
guess wrong! Your twig and straw creation tale
pathetically amounts to dung and poo.
As sub-atomic physics have no place,
nor galaxies expand your Holy Graille,
your road to final light is void of Grace.

On borrowed time we live, as if no end
of days await each man who might read this.
Those unconcerned, and laggard to expend
the energies essential to traverse
the pathways to enlightenment and bliss,
deserve to reap their coming karmic curse.